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Our very newest office, the Office of Diversity works hard to make sure all UANT students feel welcomed and receive equal and equitable treatment from the other students, faculty, staff, and all the university authorities. Our office makes sure the university works hard to enforce equal standards, and allegations of wrongdoing have been few since our inception in 2013.


Each allegation, however, is serious. If a student experiences any kind of mistreatment, institutional or personal discrimination or prejudice may be the cause. These are the times when a student should refer to the Office of the Ombudsman, who investigates each instance, in order to help in the redress of grevience. If as a student you feel the university has wronged you in any way, academically, professionally or socially, or has simply not treated you fairly or as you would have expected, you need help from the Omsbudsman. Please contact the Ombudsman.