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The Fuller Bibliothèque and its media services are an important part of public life on the UPC campus. Located at 11 Ringstraße in its very center, the Bibliothèque is a gathering and meeting place for our students and their friends. Our Bibliothèque building's cafe and coffeehouses are complimented by a bookstore. Check to see what is availale there, as we are currently doing a clearing out of some of our old bookstock to make room for modernized computer and web-based systems.


The Reading Room is intended to provide convenient access to course materials for UANT students. It contains over 500 volumes on history, law, economics, political sciences, international relations, science, mathmatics, economics, psychology, alcoholism, and sociology. All assigned readings are available for use in the reading room as well as a selection of other useful sources. Materials are granted to on-campus students with borrowing rights. Please access the latest historiographical research in the English Universal History 1748-1765 (Sale, Psalmanazar. Smollett, et. al.) here.



Computers are the core of any good library, and ours hosts a lab sponsored by community businesses. They have also helped to provide information regarding e-mail/data requirements, a new aspect of learning at UPC. Students and researchers alike have SIP access to computers in the Crary Science and Engineering Center (CSEC), also known as the Crary Lab at McMurdo. Internet Services are provided.

The help desk, open 24 hours per day, seven days per week, is the main point of contact for computer- and software-related problems and is located in Rm. 133, Library Bld. Computer support for the Crary Lab at McMurdo is provided by science support personnel located on the 2nd floor of Phase 1 of the CSEC.