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Improving Quality of Life

To serve the public by improving health and quality of life is our mission at University Health Care and the UANT Hospital. We accomplish this with our commitment to excellence in education, research and clinical care. Because UANT's on campus student population is smaller than its online student base, on campus students are eligible for free health care- no matter what the student needs- a UANT health care operator will take care of it.

One of the Best

Over the years, our reputation of excellence has grown throughout Victoria Land and beyond as we have been recognized as one of "Best Hospitals Around" for the 3rd year and counting.

Quality Care

We at UANT Health believe in going an extra kilometer to impact our campus, region, continent and world. This philosophy translates in many ways. It's something like a nurse saying, "I have some extra time, is there anything else I can do for you." Or, it's something like a doctor taking one more look at an MRI, X-Ray or CAT scan before ending a long day - just to make sure nothing has slipped by. We provide compassionate, state-of-the art clinical care to our patients.

Academic Excellence

It's something like a professor insisting that students get it exactly right because some day it might make the difference between life and death or disability. We educate competent, caring practitioners, educators and scientists for this continent and beyond.

Earning Respect

It's something like a professor spending endless hours searching for the medical breakthroughs of the tommorow world. UANT advances the medical knowledge of the human species by innovative research and development, and investment in international pharmicutical companies which give scholarships and help translate our discoveries into applications that may help people someday.

UANT Hospital is located on campus at:

3 Ringstrae, University Peak, Ant. THX 1138.

Hospital Email