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Academic Probation, Warning, and Suspension


Probation  Students may be placed on academic probation for failure to make satisfactory progress toward a degree. Failure to make satisfactory progress can mean the failure to either meet a certain grade point average in a given trimester or to maintain a cumulative grade point average at a specified level. Failure to make satisfactory progress may also mean failure to earn enough academic credits in a given trimester or to earn a specified number of credits at the end of each academic year. Probation is in the nature of a warning that if credit or grade point deficiencies are not rectified within a specified period of time, then the student concerned will be subject to academic suspension from the University. Students placed on academic probation will have the notation "Academic Probation" placed on their permanent academic records following the term in which the probation action occurred. UANT staff members are committed to helping students stay off Academic Probation by helping them at the first sign of trouble.

Suspension  Students who have been on probation or warning and who continue to make poor progress toward their degrees may be suspended from the University. A suspended student may apply for readmission to the University after the end of the trimester following the one in which the decision was accorded. Students seeking readmission should do so in writing, by email or in person. Students who are readmitted after being suspended are considered to be on probation and must meet specified academic objectives. Failure to meet those objectives will result in a second academic suspension. A second suspension for academic reasons is considered final for the entire academic year following the decision. A letter may be made to be readmitted after that time. A third suspension means expulsion for one year and the elimination of the student's previous work. Should the student reapply, he would be considered as an entirely new students without an academic record.

Attendance in Classes

Faculty members have the right to establish attendance and participation requirements in each of their courses. Course requirements such as examinations, oral presentations, laboratory experiments, participation in discussion, or the like are in no sense waived because of absence from class. Instructors may establish penalties when absences occur, penalties which may result in failure.

Auditing Courses

Students may audit courses with the permission of the instructor. No credits or grade points are earned in audited courses. Because credits are not earned in audited courses, these courses are not included in the courses required to complete a degree. Instructors have the option of determining whether students may or may not take their courses on an audit basis.

Awards for Academic Excellence

Exceptional academic achievement is recognized by the University through various honors. The types of honors and their requirements are listed below.

All-Antarctica Dean's List  Full-time students are eligible for the dean's list of their school at the end of each trimester by demonstrating superior academic achievement. Students must take a minimum of 12 credits. The minimum grade point average necessary for the dean's list for each of the schools is listed below.




Antarctic Studies


Arts and Humanities






Natural Sciences


Social Science



Changes in Class Schedules (Add/Drops)

Changes in students' class schedules are made via the Email Add/Drop Request Form. In the event admission to a course is with the permission of the instructor, a form, ok'ed by the instructor, should be sent to the add/drop address above. The deadline for withdrawing is the usual one or the last class meeting, whichever comes later.


Class Standing

Students are classified by class according to the number of credits earned. Transfer credits do NOT count in a student's class standing. Only UANT courses are counted.

Course Load

Each college has the same number of credits, 10 (or three classes, whichever is lowest) which mark the barrier between full time student and not full time.

Cross-listed Courses

Faculty may request that a course be cross-listed under a different mnemonic or level. Such requests are approved at the discretion of the school's dean's office or designee. Students may enroll in the class and receive credit for only one listing at a time.


Students who have completed all degree requirements in their major and in their college are granted a degree by the University of Antarctica. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 in courses required for graduation is necessary to receive a diploma from the University. Students may have the diploma mailed to them or pick them up in the Administration Building (Room 103).

Students who lose their diplomas may have them replaced at no charge. The University reserves the right to withhold the diplomas of financially delinquent students.


Mid Term and Final Examinations

Final examinations are given in courses during a designated period of time at the end of each trimester. Final examinations in courses may be given only at the time listed in the Course Offering Directory issued each trimester. Faculty members are not authorized to change the announced times of their examinations. Such changes may be authorized only by the faculty member's dean's office, and then only for compelling reasons.

Students are not permitted to take a final examination before the regularly scheduled examination. When genuinely serious conditions exist, students, with the consent of the course instructor, may be allowed to postpone a final examination until after the regular examination period.

Unexcused absence from a final examination results in an automatic grade of F in the course.

Grading System

Records of academic achievement are maintained by the University in terms of credits, grades, and grade points.



Grade Points

















Very Good




Well Done




































The University conducts a graduation ceremony each May to recognize and honor those students who have completed all degree requirements during the previous academic year. Students who graduate at the end of a summer or fall trimester are invited to attend the ceremony following their graduation.

Academic Grievance Procedure

Students who have a grievance relating to a faculty member, department chair, or dean are invited to discuss their academic grievance in the following manner:

Notify the Office of the Ombudsman immediately.

Honorary Degrees

The University of Antarctica has awarded honorary degrees in the past, but only 6 times. To honor special achieving people, UANT rather awards the Order of Antarctica 1st - 3rd Class, The Medallion of Honour, or, in rare cases, its highest prize: The Hero of Antarctica Cross. The awards, constitute the University's highest recognition of scholars and others inside and outside the University.


Exceptions to academic regulations or discipline processes may be requested by petitioning the Office of the Ombudsman.


Students must complete final registration through email or by delivering the paperwork to the Administration Building on campus in order to be considered duly enrolled students. Specific instructions are available each trimester in the Admissions Dept. The late registration period begins the day after the end of regular registration.

All suspensions -- financial, disciplinary, or academic -- must be cleared before a student will be permitted to register at the University. Students who fail to register are not considered to be students at the University and will not be certified as being enrolled at the University for any purpose. Students who register must enroll in at least the minimum of credits required by the pertinent school or have the registration cancelled.

Repeated Courses

Courses may be repeated for credit based on the following system: If student "Michel" takes Ant 100 and recieves a 2.0, he may take the class again in the next trimester and have the grades averaged. So, should he receive a 4.0 the second time, the class enters his official records as a 3.0. This can be done one time per class.

Student Status

Full-Time Students   Registration for 10 or more credits in a trimester (or 3 classes) constitutes full-time status for the purpose of loan deferments.

Part-Time Students   Any student carrying fewer than 10 credits (or fewer than 3 classes) is considered to be enrolled part-time.



Transcripts of courses taken, grades given, and degrees received at the University of Antarctica are maintained in the Administration Building and may be requested by email or hardcopy. See Transcript Request.

Access to student records is only for the student in question.