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The Wheel of Power

The Wheel of Power illustrates graphically your partner's behaviors in a convenient memorable format. Like spokes on a wheel, follow the abuse pattern and see how all the types of abuse and their manifestations all lead to the same inner habitus: Power and Control. This is the root, and the need for it drives partners to abuse each other. Telltale signs: You partner says things that appear on the surface to be considerate, but are not because of the alterior motives, such as, "Stay here, I'll take the trash out" (isolation). "I hurt feelings for a living all day, so I get my fill at work. I hurt your's for fun" (emotional abuse). "Honey, we can't afford that right now because the electric bill was higher than usual last month. Can we wait a week or look for one at the flea market?" (economic abuse). "Do you think you can unload that bookshelf yourself? You need my help, I was made bigger and stronger than you under a completely different muscularity regime- watch me flex (partner proceeds to flex biceps and triceps, abdomen and pectoral muscles - intimidation). "If you fall asleep again eating a chocolate bar halfway, Sparky will eat the other half again, and get sick again" (using children or pets). "Why are you trying to urinate standing up? Only I can do that" (using privilage). "Take off your clothing or at least roll it back, I've got an apetite to initiate intercourse protocols" (sexual abuse)." "Do what I say and we'll get along fine" (threats).

The lesson: do not hesitate. Be sure to contact the Ombudsman if you suspect your partner of using any of the given abuse factors on you in a relationship.




The Omsbudsman of the UANT becomes involved in disputes between student and student, student and faculty, student and university, faculty and university, or any of the preceeding with members of the public-at-large, government agencies and/or interested parties both on the continent of Antarctica and internationally. His role is magnified in the absence of a standardized system of courts in Antarctica.

Ethical violations, questions of legality, copyright infringement, academic dishonesty, plagerism, suicide / mutilation threats, international law violations or disputes within foreign countries concerning UANT all fall within the Ombudsman's purvue. Cases on behalf of, or against UANT, its students, factulty or staff, go through the university ombudsman.

Dr. hab. W. D. Beasley has facilitated formal and informal conflict resolution at UANT for over seven years, arbitrating corrective measures, acting as a change agent through investigation of systemic structures. If you have a genuine grievance, please do not hesitate. Contact the Office of the Ombudsman immediately.

W. D. Beasley




In this Venn Diagram, the Ombudsman's place in your relationships is illustrated



Szabadzag V. Webstor : One student wants to use another's sms message as evidence against a third student. Dr. Beasley is weighing if the sms message is public or private when legal infringements may be decided by its disclosure.

Moliero V. University : A student was disciplined by her professor for having electronics in her possession during an online class. The professor knew because she had a webcam and the professor saw her breaking the rules. She is arguing to Dr. Beasley that the professor had no right to look at what she was doing.

Aasif Ali Soab V. University : Mr. Soab took two online biology courses before reading on the university website that UANT credits do not transfer to the university system of his country of origin (Jordan) and wants his time back- in the form of a lump sum payment from the University. Dr. Beasley is considering whether the literature Soab received from the Office of International Relations was clear or if it was not.

Mikayla Afenasentov V. Navoyka Restaurant : A student-employee claims food she took out at the end of her working shift made her stomach sick the following day. Management disputed the claim and fired the worker. Dr. Beasley's investigation will cover the entire workplace ethics domain.

Qin Shihuangdi V. Matthew Dellbridge : This case has passed arbitration as of 3/7/15. Dellbridge while acting as a staff member of the University entered into the confidence of Mr. Qin and gained access to his credit card numbers. When none of them worked in Antarctica Dellbridge contacted James Hanson in Canada, who used all of the money on the card in Canada. Dr. Beasley understands the proliferation of personal information such as this leads to identity theft and took measures to prevent it from happening again.

Sabrina Sontag, Unidentified Student #1, Unidentified Student #2, Varga Jeno Dormitory Administration V. Prof. Bobby Zvonchenko, esq.: [Censored pending arbitration].