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Science Stack I, 1st Floor





Science Stack II 1st Floor





Science Stack III, 1st Floor





Science Stack IV, Science Fiction Stack I, 1st Floor





Science Fiction Stack II, 1st Floor





Science Fiction Stack III, 1st Floor




Science Fiction Stack IV, 1st Floor





Science Fiction Stack V, 1st Floor





History Stack I, 2nd Floor





History Stack II, 2nd Floor





Humanities Stack I, 2nd Floor





Science Stack VI, History Stack III, Reference Stack I, 2nd Floor





Civics Stack I, World Stack I, 2nd Floor





World Stack II, History Stack IV, 2nd Floor





History Stack V, 2nd Floor





Humanities Stack II, History Stack VI, 3nd Floor





Humanities Stack III, History Stack VII, 3rd Floor





Humanities Stack IV, History Stack VIII, 3rd Floor





World Stack III, History Stack IX, 3rd Floor





Literature Stack I, 3rd Floor





World Stack IV, 3rd Floor





Literature Stack II, Map Stacks I, 3rd Floor





Literature Stack III, Reference Stack II, 3rd Floor





History Stack X, Reference Stack III, 3rd Floor





History Stack XI, World Stack V, 4th Floor





Geography Stack I, History Stack XII, 4th Floor





Literature Stack IV, History Stack XIII, 4th Floor





Civics Stack II, World Stack VI, 4th Floor





History Stack XIV, Civic Stack III, 4th Floor





History Stack XV, Civics Stack IV, 4th Floor





Civics Stack V, World Stack VII, 4th Floor





History Stack XVI, 4th Floor





History Stack XVII, 4th Floor





Literature Stack V, 5th Floor





Antarctica Stack I, 5th Floor





History Stack XVIII, 5th Floor





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