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Why "Disabled @ UANT"? Our office has adopted the @ symbol because it represents our true position on campus.

Seen as a pictogram, the symbol depicts a roundabout way to get from one place to another- in essence, the situation we face everyday. Antarctica can be a dangerous place for people if they are stuck outside anytime, and this danger is maximised for people with disabilities. Although ESCORT teams are available at all hours, students do not always carry appropriate means of communication.

UANT recommends a 'Tankchair' or equivalent model to negociate the difficult terrain on campus.

Look for official UANT markers


 Accommodations for Disabled Students

It is the responsibility of the individual to bring to the University's attention the need for academic accommodation due to a qualifying disability. Requests for variation in degree requirements to accommodate a student's disability should be submitted in writing at the earliest possible time to the student's dean, who reviews all requests for such variation. If the student's disability precludes attainment of licensure or certification in the desired degree program, that information will be so noted in replying to the request. "We want the whole concept of disability put into question," said chairwoman Lena Szpinak, "and in the future, disability will consist of not seeing the value in promoting accomodations for the differently-abled."

Caught in the snow                                      Tankchair

Students who have disabilities that may interfere with their performance in a course or require special and reasonable accommodation in the conduct of the course are encouraged to inform the instructor of that fact at the beginning of the course. Any questions concerning the propriety of particular accommodations should be referred to the student's dean's office. If a grievance occurs between a disabled student and the University, the student is encouraged to contact the Ombudsman.