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ANT 100 Intro to Antarctica

ANT 110 Intro to Antarctic History

ANT 112 Intro to Antarctic Geography

ANT 114 Intro to Antarctic Environment and Natural Resources

ANT 116 Intro to Antarctic Culture and Society

ANT 130 Physical Geography of Antarctica

ANT 132 Antarctic Flora and Fauna

ANT 134 Human Geography of Antarctica

ANT 136 Antarctic Cities and Settlements

ANT 138 Issues in Antarctica's Geographical Situation

ANT 150 Natural History of Antarctica

ANT 152 History of Antarctica: Beginnings to 1911

ANT 154 History of Antarctica: 1911-1961

ANT 156 History of Antarctica: 1961-Today

ANT 158 Intercultural Legacy of Antarctic Exploration

ANT 170 Antarctica Today

ANT 172 Tourism and Environmental Impact

ANT 174 Antarctic Social Scenarios

ANT 176 Representations of Antarctica in Music and Film

ANT 178 A Future Respendent? Visions of the Antarctic Tomorrow


ART 100 Intro to Humanities

ART 110 Prehistoric and Ancient Art

ART 120 Classical Art

ART 130 Medieval Art

ART 140 Oriental Art

ART 150 Renaissance Art

ART 160 Early Modern Art

ART 170 Romantic Art

ART 180 Modern Art

ART 190 Postwar Art

ART 200 Postmodern Art / Art Today

ART 201 Oriental Art

ART 203 American Art

ART 205 Antarctic Art


AST 100 History of Astronomy

AST 101 Solar System

AST 103 The Universe

AST 104 The Night Sky

AST 105 Space Settlement and Human Destiny

AST 210 Existential Threats

AST 422 Tsiolkovsky's Vision

AST 500 Space Settlement


BIO 100 History of Biology

BIO 101 Principles of Biology

BIO 103 Paleozoic Life

BIO 104 Mesozoic Life

BIO 105 Cenozoic Life

BIO 106 Evolution of Mankind

BIO 202 Extraterrestrial Biology


BIZ 100 Intro to Business

BIZ 101 History of Business and Economics

BIZ 102 Principles of Business

BIZ 103 Accounting

BIZ 104 Finance

BIZ 105 Management

BIZ 106 Marketing

BIZ 107 Advertising

BIZ 108 Journalism

BIZ 109 Hospitality Business

BIZ 110 Restaurant Management

BIZ 111 Fast Food Management

BIZ 120 Tourism


BOT 100 History of Plant Life

BOT 101 Classification of Plants


CHM 200 History of Chemistry

CHM 201 Principles of Chemistry


EDU 100 Intro to Education

EDU 101 History of Education

EDU 102 Education and Development

EDU 103 Psychology of Education

EDU 104 Intercultural Education

EDU 105 Philosophy of the University

EDU 106 Education in Crisis

EDU 108 Elementary Education

EDU 110 Secondary Education

EDU 111 Educational Administration

EDU 113 Leadership

EDU 114 The Triad: Education for Conquest

EDU 115 Education in the 21st Century



FLM 100 The Past in Film

FLM 102 The Present in Film

FLM 104 The Future in Film

FLM 201 Antarctica in Film


GEO 100 World Geography

GEO 101 World Physical Geography

GEO 102 Civilizational Geography

GEO 203 Cartography

GEO 204 Physical North America

GEO 206 Physical Central and South America

GEO 208 Physical Africa

GEO 210 Physical Asia

GEO 211 Physical Middle East

GEO 212 Physical Europe

GEO 214 Physical Russia

GEO 215 Geography of the Solar System

GEO 220 Cultural Geography of the Western World

GEO 221 Cultural Geography of the United States

GEO 222 Cultural Geography of the European Union

GEO 223 Cultural Geography of the Orthodox World

GEO 224 Cultural Geography of Latin America

GEO 226 Cultural Geography of Subsaharan Africa

GEO 228 Cultural Geography of the Islamic World

GEO 230 Cultural Geography of the Hindu-Buddhist World

GEO 232 Cultural Geography of the Sinic Civilization

GEO 234 Cultural Geography of Western Outposts


GLG 200 The Dynamic Earth

GLG 201 Precambrian Geology

GLG 202 Phanerozoic Geology


GST 301 The Race to Space

GST 303 The West and the Rest

GST 305 Eurasianism

GST 307 Failed States and Threats to Civilization

GST 309 NATO, Russia and International Security


HST 100 Limits and Divisons of World History

HST 101 Ancient History

HST 103 Classical History

HST 105 Medieval History

HST 107 Early Modern History

HST 109 Modern History to WWI

HST 111 The World Wars 1914-1945

HST 113 The Cold War

HST 115 History of the Present

HST 117 Limits and Divisions of American History

HST 119 Colonial America

HST 121 Revolutionary America

HST 123 The New Republic

HST 125 The Civil War Era

HST 127 Industrial America

HST 129 American and the World Wars

HST 131 Post-War America

HST 133 History of Europe to 1500

HST 135 History of Europe since 1500

HST 137 History of Native and Latin America

HST 139 History of Africa

HST 141 History of East Asia

HST 142 History of the Middle East

HST 143 History of South Asia

HST 145 History of Western Europe

HST 147 History of Central Europe

HST 148 History of the Jews in Europe

HST 150 History of Russia

HST 152 History of Warfare

HST 154 History of Technology

HST 155 History of Slavery


LIT 150 Literature in History

LIT 152 Ancient Literature

LIT 153 Classical Literature

LIT 154 Medieval

LIT 155 Renaissance Literature

LIT 157 Elizabethan and Baroque Literature

LIT 158 Enlightenment Literature

LIT 159 19th Century American Literature

LIT 160 19th Century English Literature

LIT 161 19th Century West European Literature

LIT 162 19th Century East European Literature

LIT 163 20th Century American Literature

LIT 164 20th Century English Literature

LIT 165 20th Century West European Literature

LIT 166 20th Century East European Literature

LIT 167 Literature of Antarctica

LIT 199 The Travelogue

LIT 160 Science Fiction Literature

LIT 168 Cultural Criticism


MTH 200 History of Mathematics

MTH 201 Principles of Mathematics


MUS 100 Intro to Music

MUS 101 Classical Music to Beethoven

MUS 102 Classical Music since Beethoven

MUS 103 Music from WWI - 1950s

MUS 151 The Golden Oldies

MUS 153 Classic Rock: 1960s -70s

MUS 155 Rock: 1980s - 90s

MUS 158 Pianoman and Frontman

MUS 160 Heavy Metal

MUS 162 American Patriotic Music

MUS 164 Comparative National Anthems

MUS 166 Film Scores

MUS 168 Science Fiction Film Scores

MUS 170 Signs of the Times: History in Music


PHY 200 History of Physics

PHY 201 Principles of Physics

PHY 203 Physics for Poets


PHL 100 Intro to Philosophy

PHL 100 Classical Philosophy

PHL 101 Modern Philosophy

PHL 102 Exploration Philosophy

PHL 103 Philosophy of Technology

PHL 105 Ethics and Development

PHL 106 Human Nature


PLS 200 Intro to Political Science

PLS 200 American Government

PLS 201 Comparative Political Systems

PLS 202 Politics of the European Union

PLS 204 Classical Political Philosophy

PLS 205 Modern Political Philosophy

PLS 206 Ideologies

PLS 208 The Next Conservatism


PSY 200 History of Psychology

PSY 201 Psychology Through 1945

PSY 203 Psychology After 1945


REL 100 Heroism and Mythology

REL 101 Magic and Mysticism

REL 102 Judaism

REL 103 Christianity

REL 105 Islam

REL 106 Eastern Religions

REL 108 Coexistence: Crescent, Cross and Star


SOC 100 Sociology

SOC 200 Western Cultural Bases

SOC 250 The Western Malaise


URB 100 The City in History

URB 101 Urban Geography

URB 202 The Ghetto

URB 203 Urban Sociology


ZOO 200 The Animal World

ZOO 201 Oceanography

ZOO 202 Dogs and Cats

ZOO 203 Earth System Ecology


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