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George Jamison


Sheldon Levine


Peter Abbot


Regina Lopez-Gerlache








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Beginning in 2005, web-based students (now the majority of all UANT students) were eligible to receive counseling from our advising staff. They will help you find the program right for you, give you tips on class loads and help make your experience at UANT unforgettable and productive. George Jamison has been with the university since its inception in 1961, and is our head counselor. His 'flock' are all students in Social and Natural Sciences colleges. Sheldon Levine has been with us since 1973, is advisor for the Education College, and doubles as administrator of campus discipline for violators of residence life policy. Dr. Abbot joined UANT in 1997, assuming responsibility for Business College and Antarctic Studies students. Ms. Lopez-Gerlache is our newest member, joining in 2006. She has been helping Arts and Humanities students since 2012. Students may consult any advisor they feel most comfortable with for subjects unrelated to academic scheduling. For scheduling of classes, please consult the advisor specific to your college.