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Arctowski College of Education focuses on educating professionals who will have a positive impact on the development of individuals, families, communities, schools and other institutions in society. The college vision is to promote a dynamic community of lifelong learners and leaders that provides educational opportunities across the life span. In teacher education, the college supports the university's goal of ensuring a caring, competent and qualified teacher in every classroom south of the 60 parallel, and north of it as well.

The College of Education is, for example, a dynamic college, with exciting programs. All programs have practical experiences and internships awaiting the student applicants. The graduates from these programs rise to the top of their professions. If students can imagine bright futures, they can realize their dreams and ambitions. Please take a few minutes to explore the College's website, and recall that all classes are available online.

The College of Education's exciting growth in recent years has spurred the university to enlargen our budget to include, for the first time in 2008, AA degrees in Criminal Justice (CJ) and Social Work. Stay informed by signing up for our periodic newsletter here.

Education students are required to follow one of the following courses of study, as offered by their chosen department of specialization:


Path Of Recognition


Elementary Education*

20 Credits: EDU 100, EDU 103, EDU 104,

EDU 201, EDU 205, EDU 301


Secondary Education*

20 Credits: EDU 100, EDU 103, EDU 104,

EDU 201, EDU 207, EDU 301


University Education*

20 Credits: EDU 100, EDU 103, EDU 104, EDU 201, EDU 205,

EDU 105, EDU 203, EDU 202, EDU 301, EDU 404


Course Descriptions


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*International students may follow UANT Open Courses

*Certificate path available in both traditional and online formats



*available on location and online