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Business Ethics Seminar


Business Open Courses




Since its founding in 1961, the Byrd Business College has made its home nestled at the base of University Peak on the UANT campus.  The school offers students access to technology resources as well as provides a relaxing, comfortable learning environment.  In the new state-of-the-art building, students are able to plug in their laptop computers and take notes, or explore vast areas of information on the Internet.

The continuous quality improvement philosophy behind the UANT accreditation process is extremely valuable and is taken very seriously in our business school. It ensures quality in faculty, students, curriculum and auxiliary programs, as it critically examines the "Value-added" to students who attend our school.

Thanks to our many partnerships with corporate giants such as Sony VAIO, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Dell, not to mention General Motors Cadillac Division, we continue to be at the leading edge of development of online programs generated through a mixture of technology and multi-media devices.

Our Campus students utilize Lason Hall's presentation and computer training equipment, while our off-campus online students make approaches to video conferencing. All of the rooms in the Byrd facilities are well-appointed and spacious, well-lit and comfortable, which enables lecturing and learning to be comfortable as well as professional.

Business students are required to follow
one of the following courses of study, as offered by their chosen department of specialization:


Paths of Recognition


Recognized Associate in Business Administration*

BIZ 100, BIZ 201, BIZ 203, BIZ 209, BIZ 221


Recognized Associate in Economics*

BIZ 100, BIZ 201, BIZ 203, BIZ 209, BIZ 221


Recognized Associate in Hospitality Business*

BIZ 100, BIZ 201, BIZ 203, BIZ 209, BIZ 211, BIZ 221, BIZ 213

BIZ 215, BIZ 217


Recognized Associate in Marketing*

BIZ 100, BIZ 201, BIZ 203, BIZ 209, BIZ 221


Recognized Associate in Media*

BIZ 100, BIZ 201, BIZ 223, BIZ 221


Recognized Associate in Money Management*

BIZ 100, BIZ 201, BIZ 203, BIZ 209, BIZ 221, BIZ 205, BIZ 209



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*International students may follow UANT Open Courses

*Certificate path available in both traditional and online formats