Science Fiction Films





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---Times: All movies begin every

Friday at 19:00 in Navoyka TV Lounge


1/01 A Trip to the Moon


1/08 The Great Train Robbery


1/15 The Impossible Voyage


1/22 Gertie the Dinosaur


1/29 The Birth of a Nation


2/05 Intolerance


2/12 The Sinking of the Lusitania


2/13 Cabinet of Dr. Kaligari


2/14 Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde


2/15 The Hunchback of Notre Dame


2/19 The Last of the Mohicans


2/26 The Three Musketeers


3/05 The Ten Commandments


3/12 Aelita, Queen of Mars


3/19 Mr. West in the Land of the Bolscheviks


3/26 Greed


4/02 He Who Gets Slapped


4/09 Strike


4/16 Thief of Baghdad


4/23 Battleship Potemkin


4/30 Faust


5/07 King of Kings


5/14 Metropolis


5/21 Napoleon (cancelled)


5/28 Sherlock Holmes


6/04 Passion of Joan of Arc


6/11 West of Zanzibar


6/18 Grass


6/25 Storm Over Asia


7/02 Modern Times


7/09 All Quiet on the Western Front


7/16 I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (TBA)


7/23 Mr. Robinson Crusoe


7/30 Robin Hood


8/06 Private Life of King Henry VIII


8/13 The Invisible Man


8/20 The Thin Man


8/27 Three Songs about Lenin


9/03 Triumph of the Will


9/10 People of the Vistula


9/17 Alexander Nevsky


9/24 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


10/01 Lost Horizon


10/08 Loony Toons


10/15 Dracula


10/22 Frankenstein


10/29 Bride of Frankenstien


11/05 Quo Vadis


11/12 The Three Stooges


11/19 Why We Fight


11/26 Gone with the Wind


12/03 His Girl Friday


12/10 The Wizard of Oz


12/17 Fantasia


12/24 The Time Machine


12/31 The Neverending Story