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Varga-Jeno Hall

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Our main dormitory building is Varga Jeno Hall, with seven hallways and co-educational atmosphere. Married students have their own hallway, where children and pets are allowed (many of our students are married). It was the 'all-purpose building' for the university in the 1960s-1980s, housing the administration offices and many other university facilities. Since the new Administration Building's construction in 1999, most of these offices have moved. It is constructed in what has been called Stalinist architectual style, and has been discussed as the least favourite building on campus by many of the students and faculty. Intimidating though it may be, the accomodations and utility of Varga-Jeno are rated postively.

  Varga-Jeno Residence Dormitory                                Dorm Room                      

Varga-Jeno Hall retains its conference room, a TV and computer lounge, some university offices, storage space, a cafeteria and student pub, in addition to student quarters. The price is 70,00 per month and leases must be signed in trimester blocs (ie: September-November, December-February, March-May). See a student video of VJ Dormitory during severe weather. The TV lounge of VJ hosts frequent movie showings.

Movies Showing in Varga-Jeno TV-Relaxation Lounge

Next Weekend's Showing:

Friday, 19:00- Shangri La (1937)

(see full schedule)


Navoyka Hall

Our more recent additon to on-campus dormitory accomodations is Navoyka Hall. It is more expensive than Varga-Jeno but is updated. There is a bathroom in each room, as well as a small refrigeration unit and electrical outlets for additonal installations. The price is 85,00 per month and leases must be signed in trimester blocs (ie: September-November, December- February, March-May. Single rooms may be leased for 150,00 per month. Navoyka has a card operated laundry facility, a small student pub and an audio-visual private screening room, where students may lease laptop-compatible projectors.


  Navoyka Residence Hall            UANT's favourite cafe overlooks campus      

On top of Navoyka Residence Hall is its cafe-restaurant, also called Navoyka, offering a panoramic view of the University Peak campus. From its height, one can observe the whole of the campus, i.e.: the thermal lakes, Tesla Power Station, UP sport facilities, and many window lights.

A Sneak Peak of the New Tank

Great news: This weekend is the grand opening of the world's first bio-luminescent fish tank, located in the atrium of Navoyka hall right here at UANT, sponsored by the Antarctica Sovereign Wealth Fund.