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Welcome! The College of Antarctic Studies offers skills in high demand in today's job market. Knowledge about Antarctica is essential in a seven continent world, and we provide the most complete education in this field a student can find. Our web-based courses now allow a student to be far away and still take part in lectures. Antarctic Studies students learn about Antarctica's physical environment, understand social, cultural and economic concepts from a spatial perspective, and can integrate information about relationships between environment and society. These skills, along with the 'seventh continent' geographic perspective one can only find here, open doors to employment in government agencies and private firms that deal with urban and regional planning, water management, environmental and market analysis, foreign service and education.

Interested students should take ANT 100 'Introduction to Antarctica' online to judge for themselves if pursual of an Antarctic Studies degree is right for them. Students must earn a grade of 2.0 (C) or better for course work to count, as per UANT policy. The same course cannot be used for credit in two different colleges. Credit will not be given toward the degree for a graduate and undergraduate section of the same course.

Antarctic Studies students are required to follow
one of the following courses of study, as offered by their chosen department of specialization:


Paths of Recognition:


Antarctic History*

    20 Credits: ANT 100, ANT 101, ANT 121, ANT 201, ANT 203,

     ANT 205, ANT 280, ANT 284, ANT 301, ANT 303 or ANT 305


Antarctic Geography and Environment*

    20 Credits: ANT 121, ANT 123, ANT 220, ANT 222,

    ANT 224, ANT 226, ANT 228 or ANT 230, ANT 286, ANT 301


Antarctic Culture*

    20 Credits: ANT 100, ANT 101, ANT 141, ANT 203 or ANT 205,

     ANT 207, ANT 230, ANT 280, ANT 282, ANT 284, ANT 303 or 305



Course Descriptions


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*International students may follow UANT Open Courses

*Certificate path available in both traditional and online formats