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VITAL STATISTICS: Est. 1977, Students, researchers: 1000

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The campus furthest from University Peak is UANT-Arctowski, where our Polish students and researchers focus on observation of ecological and earth sciences.  Geodesy and geodesics were begun in Antarctica not at Arctowski, but at a previous place, Dobrowolski Station (Stacja Dobrowolskiego). This station was abandoned and Arctowski has served very well as an outpost campus. Dr. Wojtech Kreziminski pioneered geodesy in the late 1950s at Dobrowolski, work that has continued at Arctowski.



Continuing Exploratons: Polish Navy Vessel Arctowski


Exact astronomical reference points were established by scientists here, today usable for GPS work, which benefits not only UANT geology students, but geography researchers as well. Internships for this post are highly sought after for hands-on experience... and has been popular indeed: over 20,000 students, tourists and researchers have been housed and have used the its facilities since 1977.



    Arctowski's Gravimentric Note     A researcher and H. Arctowski (left)


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