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VITAL STATISTICS: Est. 1957, Students, researchers: 65

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Antarctica students and researchers at the Wilkes Land Campus, also called "Casey Base" by the Australian research teams stationed there, are very excited about a great discovery made by NASA's GRACE Satellite teams, of a gigantic meteor impact crater, located underneath the ice, which may date to 250 mya. This date of impact is important, because, as is now being researched by UANT geologists and international teams, it may have caused the most terrible mass-extinction in history- worse even than that which killed the dinosaurs 65 mya.

Needless to say, this makes our Wilkes Land Campus an eventual destination of choice for many of our students. 

99% of Living Matter was Terminated

Wilkes Land has hosted an Australian base since 1969, when Casey Station was commissioned on the coastline, bearing the name of a great supporter of Antarctic exploration and science in the Australian government: Lord Casey.

Today, the Wilkes Land facilities comprise sixteen buildings. They are elevated on a 'scaffolding pipe' so that violent winds may pass underneath. Some issues currently plaguing the structures are the fact that some windstorms coming off the Southern Ocean carry with them water, which turns to ice, like a hail storm coming sideways. These ice chunks damage the facilities.

But this is why students and researchers come to Wilkes Land.

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