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The focus of this seminar will be to take a case of ethics in business violated and analyze how it could have been made better by the management. Cases are selected from large numbers of ethics violations in various countries.

Please consider the case below, of a Taco Bell restaurant in East Lansing, Michigan, where Michigan State University is located. It is the case of:


Taco Dave


Back for another year...






one man has done curtain calls at a restaurant, and  was cheered by the multitudes in the dark of night...

one man is the original East Lansing customer service sensation such as has never been known before....

AND HIS NAME IS                                                                         DAVE.




the end of an ERA

                A LEGEND IN HIS OWN TIME.

  "No, when it was all said and done, I wouldnt have ever thought I could get fired... ...after all I did."

What exactly happened on that last day last February is still up for grabs. Some people swear they
saw Taco Dave leave with his head hanging low, entering the cold dark night a man exausted and beaten.

some say he went out in a blaze of glory, flying through the night with his omnipresent cape, worth over $100 usd.
some say he quit, others said he was terminated.  But what was the last straw?  Was it the alleged urine incident?
was it the company all time record 88 PRC's?  Was it immediate betrayal or was it premeditated?  Yet even today,
if you enter 565 E. Grand River, East Lansing MI, 48823, you will find that there is a radio playing the music,
and this radio belongs to Taco Dave.  He broke the speakers playing "I cant drive 55" over a year and a half ago.

he could collect the stereo, but he lets it stay, as a symbol.  to the new customers and new workers of the new
school year and beyond, they will hear its output, and perhaps will ask one day, and an older worker may
just recall, may just get that squint in their eyes, as they recount a part of the epic story.  Of Taco Dave.

    Taco Bell Special NiteShiftTM Combo Meals*
From the manager’s desk: “You’ll enjoy the new Baja Styled Gorditas, but they’re not $.99.”
“Why don’t you get the Grande meal for yourself?  For here?”

The Taco DaveTM  Fantasie Meal #1: (“The ultimate experience”)
#1  Burrito Supreme / Taco Supreme / Meximelt
The Forgotten Hero’s Return: (In the beginning, Pablo created…)
#2  Tostada / Beef Burrito+ Red Sauce
The BIG B’s Flying Saucer Abductor: (two thumbs up- WAY UP!!!)
#3  Mexican Pizza / Tostada + Beef and Sour Cream
Slik’s olympic fuel: (If Slik stamped a seal of approval, can there be doubt?)
#4  Foul (Chicken) Ball-Grande/ Upper (Double) Decker
PABLO’s Revenge: (PabLO!—PabLO!—PabLO!)
#5  2 Chili Cheese Burritos / 1 Re-fried Bean Burrito
007 Rick’s Phat Picks: (Vegetarian and Herbivor Cuisine)
#6  7 Layer Burrito / Pintos & Cheese / Seasoned Rice
The Highroller: (combining the ‘big-3’ variety for the hungry and carnivorious organism)
#7  Steak Pizza/ Chicken Burrito/ and one BIG BEEF!
Breaking the Law:
#8   Taco Salad / use shell for dipping in (1) Pintos & Cheese
The Monstrosity:  (We implore you, do NOT get this meal, don’t even look at it or we go to Def-Con 6)
Prototype  1) The Bohemouthe (B-Supreme –lettuce + Steak and Chicken)
            2) The Megalore  (NachoBell + lettuce, red sauce and steak)

...And he is ready to fight again. Here we see "Angus", an MSU sophomore sitting in front of a window destroyed in the Taco Bell riots in April, Taco Dave, massive mullet flaring, about to terminate the person holding the camara with a soft taco, and some yummy, yummy, delicious looking and tasting... food.  Pizz Pizza, Nacho BellGrande, etc. Allright, enough small talk.  Below, is the list. The list of the rival power blocks that are in interplay at the Border Right Now.

The Blocks:

 The Power Brokers             The Pleasers      The Nutrals         The Disinherated        The Renegade Brigade

 John: Supreme Commander                  Whipple: New Manager       Peter/Alicia: Day Crew         Seth: Night Crew                    Taco Dave: NightShift Comptroller
 Mary: Primary Antagonist Manager        Hilliard: Champ of Week     Zoe: Nutral Manager             Shakes: Night Crew                 007Rick: Pop Goblin (Slik got fired)
 Julie: District/Regional Manager            Sl ush: New Employee         Roosevelt: Nutral                 Salt: Night Crew                     The Big B Brian Kovacs

The situation at Taco Bell now is that it has divided into rival power blocks.  The listed, along with minor others which are unsure of which block to ally themselves with, are intertangled in a perpetual war of attrition.  The Renegades cannot be controlled, while the disinherated and the nutrals are struggling for their own aims. The Power Brokers use their positions to try to stop and regulate the Renegade Brigade and its allies, but Supreme Commander John secretly leads the Renegades! Recently there has been thrown in the mix multiple write-ups, inter-restaurant wars pitting the Hot Dog Guy and MooseJaw vs. the Taco Bell NiteShift.  MooseJaw had agitated the situation by reportedly accusing Taco Dave of, for the past 5 months, literally throwing bags full of garbage two stories up ontop of the MooseJaw roof.  The minor allies at American Pita and Flats Grill have denied any such accusation against Taco Dave.  On a recent trip, Meximelt Mike and Taco Dave surveyed the scene for themselves... conclusion and verdict:  'Taco Dave is Innocent.' (we can confirm this through the viewing of the following photos.)
here is dave all ready for work.

MooseJaw ran into complications when the guy found nasty, ugly, moldy, rancid raw ground cattle all over his door one morning.  After a 2 hour cleaning process, the blame was sent... Taco Dave!  Yet how can this be?  Since the accused has lost his voice from the 'enzyme' added to his carpet after the waters of the flood sopped them up? Not only his precious voice, but has been bedridden for the past week due to his same enzyme... The question on everyone's mind is: 'Was it Moosejaw or a Power Broker-Enemy at Taco Bell who poisoned him in the first place?'   Meanwhile the Hot Dog Guy is reeling from what looked like an attempted detonation of a small time bomb at the door on the night of the 4th.  The glass is stinged and a fire was put out.  One can recall that Taco Bell was a center of distruction in the Riot this year, and Baily/Grand River was the scene of the worst riot fires outside of Cedar Village.  Again I ask you: Is there a connection?  That's all for now, I leave you with a final thought: "Always remember, at Taco Bell, the night is young." Ah ahhha hahahahahaha.

    As of 15th July, the situation has grown grave. OO7 was Fired by the District Manager/ Power Broker Julie, and Taco Dave has been getting his hours slashed in half by Mary, another power broker.  Jared, some dude who Rick used to know, moved into his room and confiscated his futon.  With this devestating termination, take a look at who that leaves in the catagory of the Renegade Brigade.  This last member, like Hulk Hogan before, will now be holding down the fort... alone.

As of the 20th July, Taco Dave and his pal are going to Pittsburg tommorow. They will be gone for a week, and that update will follow accordingly.  Then July 31 to Aug 18 Taco Dave, will be OUT OF STATE. As Dave struggles endlessly as sole member of the Renegade Brigade, Moosejaw has issued an ultimatum: Fire Taco Dave or a lawsuit will be opened. You see, some garbage, probably hypothetical, was "found" by techititians on the roof, and it "caused" damage from water to the entire thing. What can be said?  This last insult will be met head on upon the return from Pittsburgh and Toronto.

Dave escaped to Pitt, Buffalo and whatnot to let the situation simmer in the fryer.  Upon the return, he was met with a barrage of applause from the workers there, as Salt began working on manager stuff.  Yes. Salt. When Dave was gone, he came back for a day, then left again. The people were disenchanted yet stimulated by this new prospect: what if he never comes home? It seemed to them like he never came home, and they had to imagine life without him. He just came and went like a morning star. But more, what would it be like when he did get back? Things changed so much in the three weeks.

And now it is mid-august.  The time for talk is ended, Dave is taking his new posting as a Resident Ass in Armstrong Hall. And this means that most of his time and energy will be focused there.  Some have called it the end of this era, but Dave, with a tear, won't go down like a meatorite in the nite, he won't go down with-out a fight, and when the end is immenant, he will proclaim in a choked voice, "My friends, I have seen your work here. I have seen the way you have learned and adapted to the methouds set forth by myself, and the way people are now behind you, as they were once behind me.  Salt and 007, Seth and Aetion, are the new breed. My friends, I have seen your work here, and it is good."


...WoW, and here we go again!  SCRATCH THAT!

Taco Dave is Back in Business, with last Saturday's destruction of the University of Michigan on the football field, Michigan State celebrated the night rambunctionusly, with the border in that rare, old-style form for which it is famous.  Problems persist throughout however, with a new general manager who actually works nights, it will be hard in the future to bring that exacting flavour that the people demand.  Yet it... will be done.  Taco Dave works on a set schedule now, Wednesdays and Saturday nights only, a limit of around 15 hours per week.  But peradventure you should happen to come on another day, the other employees such as Salt will relay his exact coordinates at the time.

As for music, I have created a Neil Diamond compilation tape (Dave's own stereo is that black one in there, that is always used), a many artist greatest hits tape and a few others.  You may hear 'Taco Dave's Phat Beats," on wednesdays and saturdays, but not between 10 and 2am.  Then, it is the hour of the DJ Benny Ben Cultural Vibe on the Impact Station, 88.9 MSU Campus Radio.  Repeatedly, people have attested to this show being one of the best they've ever heard, and I agree. Especially the utter shock of a regular yuppie woman when she heard Benny play the new M&M song Slim Shady uncensored at Taco Bell!

And now the fans will be treated to an encore presentation of last years official NiteShift meals; for some this shall bring back some interesting memories: come with me now...


Why do you do the things you do? The world already has heroes.


      Bi-Weekly Newsletter for April
                    Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the East Lansing Taco Bell’s email address?

Q: What happened to the Number 7?
A: Fajitas got taken off the market for multiple health code violations. Replaced with
 The more benign “Big Chicken Burrito and Chicken Soft Taco.”

Q: What is the Taco Bell theme-song, and what is a Grande Meal?
A: ‘I can’t drive 55’ by Sammy Hagar, and A big mess.

Q: What happened to BIG B?
A: He got slammed with a restraining order, by Taco Bell, for a period of 3 months.  But that period ended two weeks ago.

Q: What happened to Pablo?
A: He got a little bit too friendly with some lady customers, but he’ll be back after the Lawsuit.

Q: I’ve heard rumors that this The Bell has come out with trading cards, is that true?
A: Friends, that is absolutely TRUE!  The cards were in the works for quite some time, and Taco Dave had been given an unlimited budget for rush work on getting processing taken care of. We feel that our customers have been faithful and steadfast, they deserve a momento, as the year ends, of their favorite employees, “The finest crew ever assembled.”

Q:  It goes without saying that the East Lansing Taco Bell is the best in the Nation, is that true?
A: Yes.  Over Spring Break, while everyone was on vacation, Taco Dave was driving
 Around the midwest and ajoining regions with Meximelt Mike, and surveying the situations at all the
 Taco Bell’s around. Here, in his own affadavidt, is what he found:  “Hi, this is Taco Dave, and I found
That none of the stores in question could compete with our East Lansing store in any arena. This includes the ones at Ohio State, Perdue, Northwestern, U of M, Cincinatti, Indiana University and many more. It was like, I was looking around at everyone during peak hours and thinking to myself, ‘Wow, this sucks!’  I offered to work for free for some people, and show them what real customer service is, but they wouldn’t have any part of it. All I could say as their employees were dragging me out was, ‘Bow down, when I come to your town, bow down…’”

Conclusion:  For those people coming to MSU to vicariously take part in our FINAL
FOUR SHOWDOWN, coming to see us live it up, then take note of another something your school don’t have…SATURDAY NIGHTS: MAIN EVENT.


Look closesly here, this is rediculious, but aye, it all part of the muthafukin game.  here you go tacodave an meximelt mike doin they thang, hookien up a taco fo some dude, just chillin. (anyone who wants a cash reward, sent this thing into the company!!!)


may i have your attention please: the riot pictures are in, and dave was right in the middle of it, ignoring the order to "get in the cooler" when the window spiderwebbed from a projectile (frozen beer can) he went defending his car.  In this remarkable picture, taken from inside selfsame taco dave's car, you can make out a yellow 'police' riot gear uniform on the right, the reason that the smog is on the windshield is because of the tear gas. dave was trapped inside and not able to move, at ground zero of the fire. he was teargassed at this range 5 times, and had to run blind across griver to the safety of campus.

in the next picture, taken earlier in the night, dave is the lone worker who stayed in taco bell as the onslaught came.  notice the broken windows and glass on the table, the lights out and the lone man remaining in the only home he really knows. wearing the shirt of the school that he still so proudly dons.
"Why did it happen... WHY?!!!!"


Finally, here is a list of names that Taco Dave has been known as: (or that people have just called him)

Phaeton    (Fate-ON)
Boruhl      (Bur-ool)
Sammy Hagar
Renee       (The French Boy Renee not the girl)
Jack Innduhbeaux    (Inn-Duh-Bow---after the restaurant that was shut down for e-coli problems)
David E. Coughlie
Jack Doughe    (like what homer simpson says)
W.D. AuGratin (when he gets on unsolved mysteries in 5 years, it will be under this alias)
Xave (pernounced Dave)
Dave Biohazard
Dave Thermogenesis
Dave EcoTerminator
Dave Pyngpohngue
Taco   (first-timers sometimes think Taco Dave is just 'Taco', now this could be taken as annoying, but Dave
            thinks it is kind of funny to be called 'Taco' and likes it. Wouldn't it be odd to walk into Little Cleazers
            and belch to the worker "Hay Pizza, gimme some breadsticks?!")


"yes, here is a photo of a night last month, from some customers who came all the way from Chicago to see if what they heard was true on those heady weekend party nights... they sent me this one, of a time they ordered the 'hi-roller' meal off my menu, and wanted to see it on the internet. Here it is guys.You see, no one orders the 'Hi-Roller' without fireworks.  To the cheers of everyone else, these guys got to pick the music, they and I signed their receipt as a keepsake."

but all things must end, and dave has retired to armstrong hall, and is now catching up on his reading. BY THE WAY, IF YOU DIDNT NOTICE, GO BACK TO THE FIRST PICTURE ON THIS PAGE AND LOOK AT DAVES KROTCH.  GET READY FOR A SURPRISE.


Web training attendees should at this point analyze the reasons for the East Lansing, Michigan Taco Bell's malfeasance in dealing with the gross complications caused by the worker in question.

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