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It is not energy dependence. It is not a non-renewable resource. It is not the inefficient technology of yesterday. It is not a science fiction fantasy- in fact, it is already used by satellites. It is not 18,000 new nuclear power plants by the year 2100- in fact, it is in lieu of that. It is not drilling down.

It is drilling up.

Thank you for visiting University of Antarctica's Space Solar Power Research site, the purpose of which is to analyze the most up-to-date information available with regards to SSP and consider scenarios for its use. This commission is charged with integrating Antarctica into the debate on developing and using SSP to solve the worldwide energy crisis. The commission recognizes this crisis as one of the most potent facing us in our lifetimes. To understand more, please watch the following:


 The Best Energy

"Howard Bloom is the most active promotor of Space Solar Power that I know", says Prof. Zykov of UANT. "He describes what makes it better than any and all of the other forms possible in the near future. He makes a superb case for its use in this audio podcast. Take a listen":

UANT promotes Space Solar Power, the most dependable and inexhaustible energy readily available to Earthkind. UANT... Going the extra kilometer for your energy needs.

3 Ringstrae, University Peak, Ant.

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