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"Hyperactive religiousity is the main cause of problems related to fundamentalism today." -I.I. Zykov


Religion and Antarctica

by Klaire Berlinsky

-University Peak, Ant.

ABSTRACT. The idea for a seminarium on religion in Antarctica, to be done in 2015, was originally generated by a wide array of professors and students. It was proposed in response to the trend on campus of neo-religiousity centered on Jesus as the Word that was always with God- made flesh- 2,000 years ago. 

This is not a new idea- it comes from the Gospel of John. Yet, why the new trend to believe it among scientists who are usually agnostic or a-theist, students who are less religious than the elderly, and professors who are less likely to be religious as a cohort in general, and Antarctic natives who traditionally practice shamanic mystery religions?

The trend in Antarctica for the last five years has raised many eyebrows. This symposium is consecrated to finding out why it is happening, as well as where Antarctica fit in the themes of great world religions. There are no Biblical passages related to Antarctica, so they were not consulted. Nevertheless, it seems overdue to study what amounts to a new Antarctic belief-system within the Christian tradition. The purpose of this seminarium is to recognize and understand this belief-system.


8:00 - Introductary remarks (Zykov), breakfast served.

8:30 - History of Religion in Antarctica (Torgerson)

9:30 - Religiousity amongst the Antarctic Explorers and their crews (guest)

10:00 - Intermission

10:30 - Antarctica and Christian Philosophy (Kraft) - Click for Speech

17:30 - Churches and Chapels in the Snows of Antarctica (picture show)

18:00 - Recess of Seminarium - Celebration

ARTIFACTS. More and more, in student quarters and those of professors, common laborers and scientists, new motifs featuring Jesus as the universal savior of humanity in the modern age appear. For the purposes of the seminarium, student-lecturers will be asked to present five images and discuss them in their cultural context.

One only need see a sampling of the paintings and wall-hangings most commonly seen to understand its uniqueness:

Christ in Prayer

Most Christians take Christ to be a figure of the past, but in the Antarctic trend, He is shown in neo-vintage cloths, teaching not only human children (see below) but also non-human ones.

Seek the Kingdom of God in Things Great and Small

In a time when 500 extrasolar planets have been discovered, people living on the 7th Continent are widening the environment in which Christ operates and incorporating it into art. Christ teaches the children of the universe about Socrates and the idea that no good person would do evil and that no person who does evil is good, for they act out of ignorance of the good.


Behold the Multiverse

Jesus alone knows the nature of reality. Not only that which is within the human perceptual range, but its full and true constitution, according to Antarctic Christianity. He teaches the children specifically about this true nature in the above image- now hanging not only in the Navoyka Hall entranceway, but in many student dormitory quarters as well.

Our Father of Antarctica

When the Holy Triune God is portrayed in Antarctic religious art, it is in blue-hue. This is a sign of the etherialization of life the Christian soul is privy to, when the deeper meaning of life is apprehended.

Churches have been constructed on Antarctica since the 1920s. Some of the greatest are the Ivan Rilski, the Trinity and of course the St. Maximus churches. Researchers are also fascinated with the ice chapel, poignantly carved from solid ice by students:

The Beautiful Ice Chapel


"I think the colours and visual scenery of Antarctica gives people a sense of the religious moreso than on other continents. Its it a real surprise that students find God here?"                                                               -Prof. Torgerson.


Teaching the Classics

The Holy Ghost is not missing from Antarctic Christianity. Here Jesus teaches diverse Children by demonstration and example - as the Holy Ghost does everyday whenever we learn something or do good works.

The seminarium will be the first opportunity for upworlders to see this ancient faith's Antarctic incarnation. Be in Navoyka Cafe-Restaurant at 8:00 to attend.