UANT is now accepting applications for next semester for both on and off-campus students. An incoming freshmen from the United States must be a high school graduate or have an SAT or ACT score. British students must be graduates or have an A-Level Exam score. Other European Union applicants must have a Matura or equivalent. Students from other nations must have their equivalent end of high school proficiency tests common to the country of origin. Applying to UANT is easy, and can be done online at the Admissions Office. Become a student today!







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Already Committed to UANT?

If you've already been accepted to the University, congratulations! Did you know there were over 4.000.000 (4 million USD) available in scholarship money last year alone to students seeking continuing education at UANT? If you have not, look into the many scholarships available for incoming freshmen and returning students. Attention freshmen: if you are going to be living in an on-campus residence hall, you must also fill out the Incoming Student Residence Hall Application Form.

Still deciding if UANT is right for you?

If you're 'on the edge' but still unsure if you're ready to "Step into the IceTM," look around a bit- check out the campus, take a buildings tour, see events coming up, look through the university observatory's telescope for wonderous astronomical views, or better yet, come for a visit!

If you can't find what you're looking for, try reading this magazine describing the move to Antarctica, or search here, seek out an overnight stay with a current student, or ask the Snowman a question on his message board: