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Attention authors: If you have a work you would like published, that you would like to place online for purchasing by your friends, co-workers, fellow students, family and the general public at large, look no further than the University of Antarctica Press!

Our offer: we will run a continual advertising campaign for your book on the university website you are currently visiting, from which anyone anywhere in the world will be able to access your book for download.

Our Press will format your Word Document (.doc) into an ebook, and then publish it on Amazon for you, so that people may download directly to their Kindle, Nook or I-Pad readers. In all, it takes about three days to complete the procedure.

As the author, you hold all the copyrights to your work permanently, and for this service, the UANT Press retains 15% of the profit from the sales of the book. keeps 35%, so you keep a full 50% of the money from each and every sale that is made.

For example: If your book's sale price is set at $4.00, and ten copies are downloaded in a given month, the total amount of money made is $40.00, of which you receive $20.00, Amazon receives $14.00 and the Press receives $6.00. That holds true for however long you as the author want, and you may withdrawal from the agreement at any time. There are no other fees.

The UANT Press offers this service to the public because it is the basic philosophy of the University of Antarctica to promote the better interests of people in the community.

To get started or inquire further, email:



"Books are weapons in the war of ideas"