Student Activities: Parties and Nightlife


Most on-campus UANT students go to McMurdo on weekend nights for parties and fun having. There they find a wide variety of clubs and restaurants, movie houses and opportunities for social interaction with a diverse community. Aside from US Navy personnel, one finds a cosmopolitan group of tourists and other pleasure-seekers from abroad, independent travellers and, of course, the off-campus students, specialists and scientists living at McMurdo itself, as well as New Zealanders from nearby Ross Station.








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For events happening on the UANT / McMurdo club strip, please see some of our student and / or researcher pages from years past.


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And don't be an outsider...

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Antarctica's only brewery

is in the Varga Jeno Dorm




UANT students getting ready for a birthday party



"We can dance, we can dance, everything's under control, we can dance,

we can dance, they're doing it from pole to pole..." -Safety Dance