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UANT prides itself on being a crime-free campus. Indeed, no charges have ever been filed for sexual harrassment, bodily violation of any sort, nor even reported. One reason for these favourable statistics is the campus-wide Every Student Comes Out Ready Tonight (E.S.C.O.R.T.) Program. It is complete in two separate but interconnected phases: Phase one is an ongoing education awareness campaign run by the ESCORT service, which teaches students about the dangers present on campus and how to avoid them. These include but are not limited to: the thermal lakes, peeping toms, sporting events, isolated circumstances, and responsible drinking. The second phase is comprised of ESCORT service students who will meet professors, students, tourists and other visitors if they feel lost, sense danger nearby, or feel themselves unsafe or in need of companionship on campus after dark. 

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Once an ESCORT is called, the appointed student will arrive on the scene by means of University vehicle, safely access the situation on arrival, and take appropriate measures. If you are an on-campus student, don't hesitate to fill out an application today.


The tools ESCORT uses to ensure your safety on the UPC campus

ESCORT monitors many places on campus for your protection

Our student- employees use education to further the aims of safety


Give seminars on safety / Supervise the campus trollycar / Perform regular checks