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UANT occupies a very important spatial position on the continent, 77.52 degrees south, 160.44 degrees east; matching its cultural position, as its only university. UANT is committed to working with every major anticilliary body in the Antarctic community, and fosters international contacts whenever possible. We are also the largest employer in Victoria Land, and as such take pride in connecting with the surrounding community. Almost every resident of VL knows someone directly connected with the University. Follow these links provided by our colleagues at UC to get to know Victoria Land- McMurdo Station, Scott Base.







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Our Place in the World: About Victoria Land

University Peak, marked on the main map, is located in University Valley. The area is likewise marked on the inset map. Since we may not speak of traditional north and south; 'down' on the map, our location, is closest to Australia-New Zealand, as opposed to South Africa, India or South America. Aside from conducting research in the community, we are committed to being active in helping aboriginal peoples help themselves adapt to a globalizing world.

See a video of UANT students plowing a path through Victoria Land