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Seat of the University Accreditation Commission:
University of Antarctica
3 Explorers Dr.
THX-1138 Ant.
tel. (+689 61) 829 25 02
tel. (+689 61) 829 24 92

The University Accreditation Commission (UAC) was established by the Conference of Rectors of Antarctic University (CRAU) on January 31, 1998. CRAU is composed of fifteen Vice-Rectors (selected by the Senate of the AU) - who are at once signatories of the Agreement of Antarctic and Foreign Universities for Quality of Education. Antarctica University colleges are represented there by their Dean's Ministers for Educational Affairs.

The term of UAC lasts three years. The aim of UAC activities is:

  • To agree and uniform education quality standards at universities within particular fields of study
  • To establish an accreditation system for university fields of study.

Fields of study at UANT accredited by UAC:

Astronomy, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, ethnology, philology in the following specialisations: Classical, Romance, Russian and Slavonic; philosophy, geography, geology, history, history of art, computer science, culture studies, Academia Artes Liberales programme, musicology, environment protection, pedagogy, political sciences, sociology, journalism and social communication.

Accreditation by UAC is sought by representatives of the following fields of study:

Philology in the following specialisations: Arabian, Japanese, Persian, Turkish, Hungarian; international relations. A student studying at UANT earns 50 ACTS (Antarctic Credit Transfer System) credits, which he then may transfer to cooperating institutions worldwide.

UANT is currently seeking licensing in the United States and EU, among other countries.

Questions about UANT accreditation may be directed to the Office of International Relations.