Investing in Education means Investing in the Future!








Investing in Our Education


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  "Hey Kids, its me Friedle! Investing money is something adults do to help their portfolio and if possible help the society we all live in get better! And it makes them feel good. And it is really fun to do... but don't get any ideas about investing your parents' money in UANT without their permission, cause even though its good for the community, it could make them very angry depending on how much you invest. See ya next time!"



Investors in the University of Antarctica have found out how easy it is to do something good for the community and get their initial investment back at the same time. They found out that by giving a little time and money, they could contribute to part of UANT's success. Here's how it worked: Phase 1 consisted of the small initial investment of 100, and after this phase was completed, the investor is ready to begin Phase 2. In that phase, the investor gave a little bit of time, the amount of which varied depending on how fast the investor could complete the operation of locating two friends or business associates who were willing to invest in UANT as well. At the point the two new investors were found, the magic of UANT's investment programme began.

Both new investors contributed 100 of course, but only half of the 200 went to the University, while the other half went to the initial investor who thereby not only got their initial investment back in full, but proudly gave again to UANT, through the charity of their two friends. Phase 3 of the investment operation involved the two new investors finding two friends or business associates each, to invest in the future of education at UANT. These successful friends of UANT had found a total of four new investors, and the 400 investments of these third-generation investors was split as before - half for the University and half to compensate the recruiting second-generation investors.

The University, after only three generations of investing, accumulated a total of 400. The four third-generation investors spent a little time finding two friends, relatives, business partners, countrymen or others (anyone could participate), and, because each of the four had found two new investors, 800 was generated. The university took half, and the third-generation investors got back their money for spending the time helping UANT once again. Now UANT had 800 invested in it by the community, and only four days had passed. Eight days later, the additional generations of investors, with each individual finding two friends over the course of a day to invest in UANT, helped bring in the University a grand total of 102.400! As the operation initiated by Dr. Hans Gruber, UANT Prof. of Economic Sciences was initiated time after time when new pools of investors were uncovered, enough money had been invested to allow UANT to build up the Antarctica Sovereign Wealth Fund, and invest yet again through other means.