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Wer je auf Antarktische Fahne schwört, hat nichts mehr, was ihm selbst gehört.




The Southern Star - The initial investor in UANT is special. Upon completion of a round of investment, he receives the Southern Star, that rarest of awards. An actual star in the cosmos, overhead in the southern sky, is officially re-named in his honour forever.

Star of the Golden Endurance - Both 2nd generation investors receive the coveted Golden Star, whose name calls to mind the herculean effort of Ernst Shackleton and his crew during their fabled Endurance in the Antarctic, and is now yours to wear.

The Silverine Star - Four third generation investors are decorated with the Silverine Star of Pfichtbewusstsein: duty done. This is a highly sought-after decoration only given for investing the time to treat education as the very serious matter it is for good.

The Bronzed Star of Incorruptibility- Eight of these bronzed stars are given each investment cycle. The elite eight given consign the bearer to true pride of the Antarctic- for their support of the University through locating more investors.

The Onyx Star of Peace - Sixteen investors are awarded the Onyx Star of Peace. They have done their part for the Peace of the Southern Land, by giving of themselves in the cause of UANT, for the cause of UANT is that of Peace.

The Purple Star of Firmitas exemplifies the tenacious strength of mind and solidity of purpose that the thirty-two investors of the sixth generation show by undertaking this new goal in aid of the sweet morsels of education distributed by UANT.

The Blue Star of Industria breaks the wearer of any previous reputation for slothfulness, and is a badge of diligance and pride to be worn and displayed by the sixty four investors of the seventh generation.

The Red Star of Hope shines on the chest of one hundred twenty-eight bearers each investment cycle, who help in the inspiring mission of UANT to build a new and better society, brick after brick, in the cold and difficult land we call home.

The Green Star of Self-Effacement - "Mehr sein als scheinen" (Be more than you seem to others to be), this prize conveys the absolute feeling of freedom- which only comes when you do, and therefore are, more than who they thought you were.

The Crystal Star - A Swarovski-like crystal is cut into an unusual ornament of surpassing beauty, its shimmering look can be enjoyed year after year. It shows the loyalty to UANT through thick and thin, and is prized by very many investors and collectors.

The Yellow Star of "Lerne Leiden ohne zu Klagen" (Learning to suffer without moaning) - In the world of investment, some will bear the burden of payment with honour. This award touches the quintessence of the giving of self to the greater good.