Antarctica Hip Hop Culture Institute


It's Big. It's Rambunctious. It's Hip... Hop.


In a recent debate between proponents of the  Hip Hop culture, and their antagonists, sponsored by the Antarctica Hip Hop Culture Institute, the delegation from Europe revealed many new artists to watch. Antarctican academics set up videoconferencing to four continents: North America, Africa, Australia and Europe, to observe and discuss the virtues and vices of the hottest talents. Bartek, as presented by Rahim Blak, generated the most reaction. Other topics at the debate included:

- Legal aspects of international banning of public playing of hip hop music containing swearing.

- How to best facilitate appropriate cross-cultural translations of neologisms used in Hip-Hop into other languages.

-Use of the simile and metaphor in Hip-Hop.

These Penguins are hypnotized by Hip Hop Music

 The Antarctica Hip Hop Culture Institute's next public meeting takes place in Varga Jeno Dorm at 18:00. Topics will be brought back from November's symposium on: 1) effects of hip-hop music on animals 2) use of "rap", "techno" and "trance" in animal training. Returning speakers and new ones (including UANT's own Dr. hab. Lars Riiser Larson).

The last person to oppose the hip-hoppers was featured in a debate, the closing argument of which is featured below: