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What kind of Union? What kind of Future? What kind of Europe?


On Jun. 11-14, our students will be participating in a major conference organised by the UANT, mirroring other such conferences hosted in London, Krakow and Sofia. High-level European politicians of various persuasions will sit in debate against European and Antarctican academics to discuss their visions of the future of Europe.

At previous conferences, Mr. Josep Borrell Fontelles, President of the European Parliament, (pictured below) opened the conference with pointed remarks about this future.

Among the topics discussed will be the following:
- Challenges. What do we expect from today's Europe?
- How can EU institutions be made friendlier to citizens?
- Civil society and the role of the European Parliament and national parliaments.
- Legal aspects of membership in the EU.

- Demographic future of Europe and world population trends, 'aging' cohorts.