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UANT Hosts US Antimissile

Shield Conference 23 February

UNIVERSITY PEAK, ANT – Warsaw, Moscow, Washington, Prague... all seem very far away from University Peak and the UANT campus. However, they will all be closing in on Antarctica when academics from around the world, including named cities above, join in a discussion here debating the merit of Moscow's participation in the construction of a U.S. anti-missile shield.

U.S. officials at a conference on the shield on Friday in Krakow, in Southern Poland, stressed that the system was purely defensive and a safeguard against Mideast threats. These and other delicate topics will be on the menu at UANT's Lason Hall Conference Room.

The United States has proposed installing parts of its anti-missile shield in the Czech Republic and Poland. Russia has protested sharply against its location in Poland. The event is sponsored by the UANT European Studies Centre.

The UANT European Studies Centre is an officially accredited research institute at UANT. It promotes Antarctic-European cooperation and is concerned with Western Social Policy.


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