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UNIVERSITY PEAK, ANT. June-July – The summer season in the northern hemisphere brings flowers and sun soaked weather. July and August in Antarctica is one of the worst combination of months, colder than January in Canada, and darker than New York at 3:00. The winter season in the north means summer in Antarctica, and it is much more beautiful. Yet many students trade this beauty temporarily, to pursue charity work and cultural contacts up north.

In the Congo, students like Christine Adelman (left) and Jason Stevenson are building habitats in villages for underprivilaged students outside Kinshasa.

"It is very trying- I mean, it is trying to exude positivity, at the same time reassuring the students that the school will still be functional in a year's time. All these children want is to learn, and that education, a basic human right for at least the last eighty years, is being denied to them by their governments. I only hope the buildings themselves that we put up, will not fall down, be broken down or be used for some other purpose, such as a weapons depot, which is what happened to the one we built last year- before the current kids get through and on to college, and are able to take their place in the workforce", said Miss Adelman.

Below is the video they took on their trip:

The UANT Study Abroad Office coordinates volunteer groups in taking summertime holidays to far flung parts of the globe.


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