Important- International students must remember that the seasons are opposite in the Southern Hemisphere. So, spring begins in September, summer in December, fall in March and winter in June. To avoid conflicts with the majority of the world's academic calendars, and because Antarctica is dark during most of the northern summer, UANT operates on a schedule mirroring that of the northern hemisphere. So, northern summers are time-off here as well. Our academic year starts in September and continues through the end of May. UANT operates on trimesters, meaning spring, winter and fall terms carry their own classes. A normal class is 12 weeks long, meaning 24 classes, with an additional two meetings, one in the 6th and one in the 12th week, when students take mid-term / final exams.










03 September

Spring Trimester Begins

First day of classes

23 September

Spring (Autumnal) Equinox


04 October

Space Exploration Day


15 October

Midterm Point

Midterm exams

21 October



01 November

All Soul's Day


26 November

End of Trimester

Final Exams

30 November

St. Andrew's Night


03 December

Summer Trimester Begins

First Day of Classes

06 December

St. Nicholas' Night


21 December

Summer Solstice

Christmas break begins

24 December

Christmas Eve


25 December

Christmas Day


31 December

St. Sylvester's Night


01 January

New Year's Day


03 January

Holiday break concludes

Classes resume

14 January

Midterm Point

Midterm exams

31 January

Antarctic Economic Day


06 February

Ash Wednesday


14 February

St. Valentine's Day


25 February

End of Trimester

Final Exams

29 February

Leap Year Day


03 March

Fall Trimester Begins

First day of classes

08 March

Women's Day


16 March

Palm Sunday


17 March

St. Patrick's Day


20 March

Fall (Vernal) Equinox


21 March

Good Friday


22 March

Aboriginal Harvest Festival


23 March



12 April

Astronaut's Day


14 April

Midterm point

Midterm exams

01 May

Labour Day


22 May

Corpus Christi


28 May

End of Trimester

Final Exams

20 June

Winter Solstice


23 June

Independence Day


20 July

Moon Landing Day