Art of Antarctica - Permanent Exhibit. Antarctica, unlike most continents, has had not so much settled cultures as wandering bands of explorers, scientists and students. What kind of art has Antarctica inspired from its visitors?
History of Antarctica - Permanent Exhibit. Dive into the artifacts and records of human settlement and exploration of the coldest continent on Earth. Shakleton's endurance and all the themes of our history, our historical successes and failures.
KasiArt: Journey into a World of Magic. New Exhibition 2012: we descend into the place you have been feeling intimations of in dreamtime, magnified by those of daytime. The place of menacing figures who show none, and the brash erasure of skepticism.
Student Art Feature Exhibition 2012: Pets. This year's theme was pets in Antarctica and how they keep companionship with people who may not have many friends here and are alone for long periods of time.
Give it a Ponder! The art of sms messaging. One of modernisms many new problems is the instantaneousness of communication- which can yield bitterness and regret. But UANT's favourite non-human entity shows here how the the individual can place the proper chains upon their appetite for immediate gratification: PONDER BEARD!

The Concept Art of Stanley Von Medvey Summer 2011. The trailbreaking digital illustrations and conceptual art of Mr. Von Medvey are honing in on a great vision of space solar power and other advanced concepts, and how these work to alleviate the macro scale world problems.
Rahim Blak in Contemporary Art Winter 2011. One of the most innovative young artists with Antarctic ties working in Europe, Rahim Blak has passed boundaries and created works of self-expression in a new and original style.
Barely Legal Paralegal. Justice can be blind no more after UANT's Video of the Year! Barely Legal Parelegal explores the boundaries between sultry vintage fantasy and the harsh realities of 21st Century litigation. Overlawyered? No problem!
POOR Design: Fall 2011. With a style and hardy self-reliance that recalls Antarctica's difficult environmental and socioeconomical positon, POOR Design is developing lines of useful objects using the materials and worksmanship of the everyday.
Puff-Buff: Spring 2011. Inflatable... easy to carry... easy to transport and ship. Inflatable design? Puff-Buff Design has taken the work off of your back with their innovative blow-up style. Come see how they are inflating our perspective of contemporary art!
Ice Sculptors’ Delight. Winter 2010 - Delight is the word, for this exhibit of the work of the finest ice sculptures of the last three years in Antarctica... where the ice is plentiful and the working ethic robust and energetic.
David Inkey's Confessions of a Reformed Harvard Anthropologist. Titled 'A Perfect Poet,' this magnum opus by the UN poet laureate sounds the call for the preservation of Antarctic peace, as the only continent (or place, for that matter) that human beings have never engaged in war.
Olaf September 16, 2010-October 29, 2011 - Aboard the Queen Mary, Swiss artist Olaf Breuning, now based in New York City, explores simple themes through the medium of hand drawings... while crossing the Atlantic.
A Rock and a Hard Place - Ongoing - A Rock and a Hard Place is our classic and world renown exhibit of rocks and minerals from around the world. More than just birthstones! Many samples selected by AU professors while traveling in Illinois.
Prehistoric Monsters, Dinosaurs and Beasts- Ongoing - Uant Paleontology in action! See our most popular exhibit, in conjuction with the Nat. Hst. Museum, featuring Paleozoic Monsters, Mesozoic Dinosaurs and Cenozoic Beasts. Skeletons are compared with models of the latest data on what the animal looked like in life.
Looking Back 2007. - Jaworski enters into the record a tribute and a look into the mirror- a work unveiling and strengthening its owner's resolve and identity alongside factors making up the flux of experience.
Final Frontiers- November 18, 2006-January 14, 2008. The theme of air and space go together- aeronautics and astronautics. From the Wright Brothers in 1903 to the Moon Landing in 1969, to the 21st Century. The greatest moments in flight are encapsulated in Final Frontiers!

UANT Botannical Gardens- Ongoing. The beautiful gardens that are situated here on campus, heated by the campus heating grid, and a spectacle that cannot be missed! Go on to see every single Antarctic plant, and those of other continents as well.