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Main Courses - Meatless

Potato Pancakes with cream - 4


(potato pancakes with cream sauce and oregano)


Wild grains with cream sauce - 3,5


(grains wild with a bean sauce)


Dumplings w/ potato and ewe's cheese - 4


(Pierogi in a"Ruskie" Russian style)


Crepes with vegetable mix and cream - 4


(flour dough, vegetable mix, cream sauce)


Crepes with spinach, feta cheese and cream

- 4,5

(dough, spinach, cooked bacon, feta, cream mix)



Main Courses


Hunter's stew with assorted meats - 3,5


(cabbage and sour kraut, kielbasa, bakon, white kielbasa, mushrooms, assortment of vegetables)

Crepes with salmon and capers - 4,5


(crepes in a French style with salmon, capers, asparagus with side of tortilla chips and cream sauce)

Kid's plate - 3,5


(potato pancakes in humourous shapes with cucumbers, cream, pickled cucumbers)



Main Courses - Foul & Pork


Chicken "Pecs" style with mushrooms - 4,5


(chicken meat, dough shapes, "Pecs" sauce)

Roast duck and dough spheres - 6,5


(roasted duck, gooseberry jam sauce, prunes, dough shapes)

Turkey in cranberrie sauce with gravey - 7


(stuffed turkey meat, vegetable assortment, cranberries, gravey, casu marzu, traditional dessert from usa)

Emperor penguin in butter sauce - 4,5


(Antarctica speciality- penguin meat seared to perfection and served in butter sauce)

Roasted piglet served w/ apple traditon - 9


(whole piglet spread with grapes, apple-in-mouth, decorated with many garnishings)

Pork knuckle in sour cream sauce - 3,5


(knuckle of pork pig, sour kraut topping)



Main Courses - Meats


Steak "T-bone" with potato and fruit - 9,5


(American style steak shaped with T, french-fried potato, vegetable medley and fruit assortment)

"Mastodon" (elephant) with sauce - 13,5


(South African elephant with a variety of dipping sauces and wild rice)

Ram mutton with potato - 8,5


(British favourite- mutton of ram pieces decorated with ice lettuce and Carybdis sauce)

Boar with multiple sides - 8,5


(wild caught dziki boar coated with a spicy coating and served in asian fashion with a spicy vegetables and cashew meat)

Okapi "Kigali" platter - 4,5


(congolese okapi caught from wild and presented with bonobo cuts and horseradish in a garlic sauce)

Wild rabbit stew w/ sauce and potatoes - 2


(wild caught Australian hare stewed with vegetables and grains, topped with a lime sauce)

Venison on a "shish kebab" - 4,5


(white tailed deer shish kebab with assortment of vegetables accompanying it- orange carrot, squash, with rice and garnishing)

Pacha - 6,5


(Arabic favourite served in traditional way steamed with halal-appropriate sides)

Felidae variety platter - 18,5


(mix of puma concolor coryi and felis "little tiger" meats served with dipping sauces, wild rices and grains)

Oc khi with arrak - 11,5


(Viet Namese favourite served traditionally on top of a vegetable stew either chilled or steamed, garnished with parsleys and Asian spices, with arrak alcohol base)


Main Courses - Sea Creatures

Marbled rock cod with potato - 4,5


(our most popular dish is caught in the cold waters off the coast of Ross Ice Shelf and served with a pesto sauch and vegetables)

Mackerel ice fish "Antarctica" - 4,5


(also very popular dish, mackerel is caught near McMurdo Sound and the cold water gives a special taste- served with rice and glazed)

Patagonian toothfish in caper sauce - 4,5


(Antarctican fish served with Italian pastas and cheeses, lemon pepper seasoning)

Colossal squid with bacon wrappings - 8,5


(world largest invertebrate- diced rings battered lightly and served with bacon, with rice and with shrimp side)

Manatee Rangoon - Market Price


(West Indian Manatee farm-raised in Burma and garnished with celeries and rice, cooked in oils)

Atlantic green turtle in garlic oil - 16,5


(turtle meat from the grill and coated with spicy glazing, served with tomato and rice)


Main Courses - Specialities

Nachos "Supreme" - 3,5


(nacho tortilla chips springkled with salts and served with a variety of toppings: beans, beefs, tomatoes, paprykas, cream, cheese which has been melted, and garnishings)

Dinuguan Stew - 2,5


(Filippines traditional pork stew with very hot peppers and savory broth)


Highlander Haggis - 3,5


(traditional Scottish style haggis sheep's stomach stuffed with meat and barley)



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