U A N T   O F F I C E   O F   S T U D Y   A B R O A D



"Many students are unsure of what the world offers. They struggle to find a place for themselves, want to have an adventure away from home, and are not sure where to begin. UANT Office of Study Abroad has, together with Prof. Hovgaard of the Amundsen College of Social Science, prepared the following tour of discovery for students and families. Click any of the buttons and let's begin!"                                                  -Xavria Holland, UANT OSA




 Begin the tour at home

in Antarctica. Listen to

the sounds of each place you encounter, and it may be that such music helps in your decision on where

to go as much as the







Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map is the official world map used at UANT because it is the only one that gives correct perspective and size. Our tour will begin at home and proceed steadily east, north on a regular map, to South America, Central and North America, across Greenland and the North Pole into Siberia and the heart of Russia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India, up through Central Asia across the Silk Road to East Asia and down through Indochina and Indonesia to the Pacific Islands. Finally, Australia and New Zealand bring the adventerous traveler back home to Antarctica and University Peak. Bon voyage!