Songs and Regalia



Antarctica Medal 1st Class


"Alma Mater UANT" - 1961


When o'er snow-covered hills we came,

windsock'd 'n torn by antarctic ire,

A hamlet town we beheld'n the main,

built of olden fame and warming fire.


E're majestic it lay below us,

Crystalline glint acute yet oblique,

It filled our hearts with wonder and awe

What else could it be- but University Peak?


The frost'd oasis' melodius rhapsody

Sang of academic excellence unsurpassed

Of spirits whirling in the midnight breeze

Among the crowd there as it massed.


Ensconced by a miracle of nature benign

Miracle technics of many a kind

Did make an institution of ice-covered halls

Where invisible light turned bright and shined.


The school motto of yore gives us our voice

We remember and recall the famed omnibus:

That today we will learn and tomorrow will teach

Verus sis is futurus.



Antarctica Medal 2nd Class


Student Oath (traditional)


I, the student of Antarctica

Hold self-evident the truth:

That while continents are not made equal...


They are made endowed indeed

With wonderous splendor and trait unique

And since that time on land from lake

Through the wisp of the willow

The dust in the wind

Unto ourselves, ourselves we make.


Yet I accept the possibility

Of coexistence and mutual ecology.


And I will always work to help

My University to spread

The chilly hope of gallant men

Through honesty our guide our friend

The goal to make, to not  forsake:

To woe this sudden deathly trend.


To comfort thee that hope may crest

That planet earth is without end

That on these laurels

I will not rest.




Antarctica Medal 3rd Class

UANT Fight Song" - 1987


The warriors of winter sang this song,

when they silenced the prattl-ish cries,

Of distant foes who came to play,

the Snowman's teams to sure demise!


"Fight, fight" and "rah, rah," they said,

staring adversary directly into the eye,

"Surrender now lest snow bleed red,

under endless night and ozoneless sky."




Phased Out Antarctica Medal



Verus Sis Is Futurus